August 4, 2010

Information for Veterinarians

At Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery, we strive to work with your clients as an extension of your hospital. Case reports are mailed the day following any procedure, and copies of any pertinent lab work (i.e. biopsy results) will be faxed to your office promptly. We welcome your phone calls to discuss any questions you have about dental treatment.

Having copies of any pertinent medical records will help us provide the best care for your clients and their pets. Please send us copies of the pet’s records, including bloodwork, biopsy results, and recent patient history. You can copy them and have the client bring them or e-mail them.

Client Referral Information

You can facilitate the referral process by letting us know about the patient and client you are referring to us in one of the following ways:

Online Referral Form

Dental Radiographs Consultation
We are happy to review any dental radiographs that you have specific questions about. Simply e-mail them to Be sure to place the words “dental radiographs” in the subject of the e-mail. Also include the best time and phone number to call you with our findings. All E-mailed images should be saved in a format that is at least 200K per image in size, and they must be individual images, not sent as a layout of multiple images seen on one screen. If you need help with E-mailing images, feel free to give us a call.

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Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery is actively involved in helping educate veterinary offices so that they can provide improved dental care for their patients. We send out an informative monthly E-newsletter to interested parties. The newsletter provides educational tips on a variety of dental-related topics. Our goal is to bring you pertinent information every month that you can utilize in your patients.
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