April 12, 2021

Dental Extractions in Dogs and Cats

Dental Extractions in Dogs and Cats | Pet Tooth Extractions | Montana

Reasons for Tooth Extractions in Pets

Your pet’s oral health is an extremely important factor in their quality of life and their overall health and wellbeing. Saving teeth whenever possible is ideal, but sometimes extractions are the best option. However, even if you take good care of your pet’s teeth at home, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary in cases of: 

Tooth Extraction Risks

While many routine extractions can be performed by a general veterinary practitioner, certain higher risk extractions are best handled by a veterinary dentist, particularly when there is risk of damage to a vital structure or jaw fracture. Unfortunately, some clinics allow their technicians, who have no formal training, to perform their extractions. While owners assume that a doctor will be doing surgery on their pet, in many cases it is the burning staff. Before your pet has any teeth extracted, be sure to ask if a doctor will be doing the surgery on your pet.

Tooth Extraction Recovery

Procedures do tend to vary, depending on the pet, the individual tooth, any pre-existing damage and the reason for the tooth to be extracted. Extraction risks also depend on the tooth involved, but recovery for pets is generally very quick, with nothing more than temporary oral discomfort and minor bleeding involved during the recovery period. 

Most pet tooth extractions and the recovery period go smoothly, without any complications. Your pet will be back to his/her normal self in no time, and will be eating without any issues very soon after the procedure. 

Dental extractions are the best option when your pet’s tooth damage or infection is unsalvageable. Extractions should be performed by trained professional to avoid any potential complications. After the procedure, your pet should return to their normal self very quickly. 

We don’t want your pet to be in pain, so we address potential pain before, during and after your pets procedure.

Pet Tooth Extractions in Montana 

If you think your pet needs an extraction or is suffering from complications of an extraction, we can help.

You don’t need a referral to have your pet seen by our veterinarian dentists. All you need to do is call our Bozeman office and schedule an appointment.