December 16, 2018

Veterinary Dental Training Courses

Thank you for your interest in the dental training classes offered in Bozeman by Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

Dr. Woodward is board-certifiedTM in dentistry, is a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, has been teaching veterinary dental CEclasses since 2001 and has lectured and taught wet labs all over North Americaduring that timeframe.  He founded and operated the Colorado Pet Dental Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO 16 years,hosting approximately 350 students per year at that facility since that time. Classes were always full and booked months in advance. He now lives in Bozeman fulltime and is no longer teaching classes in Colorado. He opened and operated multiple private general practices for the first 19 years of his practice career, but has limited his practice to dentistry and oral surgery for the last 18 years. Spending time in both general and specialty referral practices gives him a solid understanding of the issues related to improving dental care in a private practice setting. He is now offering, on a limited basis, dental training classes in Bozeman, MT. He is also able to provide custom in-clinic training, which can allow more staff members to receive training at the same time. Contact Dr. Woodward if you are interested in custom dental training classes at your facility. Custom classes are more expensive overall, but may be preferable for certain clinics.

Level 1

This class is recommended for both doctors and technicians. Subjects covered in the Level one class include dental radiology, interpretation of dental radiographs, oral pathology, discussing dental economics with owners and providing a quality 12-step cleaning. While some of these tasks are typically delegated to technical staff, the subject material is the bedrock for every facet of dental care. Doctors who elect to skip this class will find themselves struggling at times in the level 2 class. The lab section of the level 1 class utilizes digital dental radiology systems to obtain diagnostic dental radiographs of canine and feline cadaver specimens and also covers preparation of treatment plans and presentation of dental estimates to owners.

Level 2

The level II class is for doctors only.  No technicians or lay staff will participate in the level II lecture or lab. Topics to be covered include surgical extractions, retrieval of broken roots, repair of oro-nasal fistulas, local and regional anesthetic techniques, treatment of periodontal pockets, bonded sealants for fractured teeth and gingivectomy for gingival hyperplasia using an electrosurgical unit. Each attendee has their own delivery unit, cadaver specimen and will receive a brand new $140 instrument set to use in the lab and take home.

If you are interested in future course availability contact Dr. Woodward at: 

Each class is good for 8 hours CE credit. Please note: the Montana State Board of Veterinary Medicine no longer approves any CE programs for credit. The attendee is responsible for ensuring that the quality of the program meets the standards set by the board. The specific regulation is:

ARM 24.225.511.

(3) Licensees are responsible for selecting quality programs that focus on protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public and contribute to veterinarians’ professional knowledge and competence. Acceptable CE activities: 

(a) directly relate to the scope of practice of veterinary medicine as defined in board statutes and rules; 

(b) review existing concepts and techniques; 

(c) convey information beyond the basic professional education; 

(d) update knowledge on the practice and advances in veterinary medicine; and/or 

(e) reinforce professional conduct or ethical obligations of the licensee.

There is no reason for these classes to fail to meet the standards set out above. No CE program Dr. Woodward has ever presented, anywhere in North America, including these same classes previously presented in Montana, has been turned down for CE credit. I am not applying for RACE certification for these classes because the cost is prohibitive, especially when the classes will not be regularly recurring in the future. Having said that, these same classes are RACE approved at the dental training facility in Colorado.  At the end of each class, attendees will receive a signed CE certificate. If you have any additional questions regarding CE credit for these classes, please e-mail Dr. Woodward: