Our Board Certified Veterinary Dentist is On-Site in Bozeman, MT Full-Time!


Hello to our Montana Pet Dental family! Did you know that our board certified veterinary dentist, Dr. Tony Woodward, is on-site here in Bozeman, MT full-time? 

He previously traveled between his clinic in Colorado and Montana Pet Dental, dedicating half of his time at one facility and half at the other. He is now available full-time at our clinic right here in Bozeman.


What Does it Mean to be a Board Certified Veterinary Dentist?

It’s not easy to become a board-certified veterinary dentist. Dr. Woodward completed his undergraduate, and graduate degrees at Colorado University. He spent countless hours training under the supervision of a residency director, and passed the American Veterinary Dental College exam.

He’s used his thousands of hours of veterinary dental experience to teach other veterinary practitioners through hands-on training and lectures. He’s trained people from all over the country!


Our Bozeman, MT Facility Offers a Variety of Services


Dr. Tony Woodward is the only board-certified veterinary dentist in all of Montana. As a board-certified dentist, Dr. Woodward is able to perform surgical procedures, such as broken jaw repair, the removal of oral tumors, and severe periodontal disease treatment.

We also offer routine dental cleanings, cavity and root canal treatments, and orthodontics. Think of Montana Pet Dental as a one-stop-shop for your pet’s oral health and wellness.

While we mainly treat cats and dogs, Dr. Woodward has treated many different species, including lions, tigers, grizzly bears, Canada Lynxes, mountain lions, sloths, and kangaroos.


Schedule an Appointment with our Veterinary Team in Bozeman, MT Today!

You don’t need a referral to have your pet seen by Dr. Woodward or the rest of our expertly-trained staff. You just need to set up an appointment. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 7:30AM to 5:30PM. Give us a call if you think your pet is experiencing oral discomfort—or if they simply have bad breath, as this can be a sign of more serious dental issues.

We’re located at 2401 Riata Rd in Suite 100. It’s just south of Chief Joseph Middle School, in Alpenglow Veterinary Services, near Baxter Meadows.