5 Best Dog Friendly Hikes in the Bozeman Area

One of the best ways to keep your dog happy and healthy is to give them lots of exercise. Hiking in the Bozeman Area is always beautiful, making it easy for you to hit your step goal and keep your dog happy at the same time. 


Advice for Hiking with Your Dog

Remember to respect your dog’s limits (and your own) when hiking. Dogs are fun-loving animals, and many will continue walking even when they are hurt or thirsty. Making frequent stops for water and to check on your dog will help them hike farther and have more fun doing it.

You might be tempted to let your dog drink from a pond or stream, but don’t—it’s a good way for them to pick up a parasite or an infection. Besides bringing plenty of water along for you both, you should bring some extra poop bags, too. Even if you’re hiking an off-leash trail, leaving poop behind is a no-no. 


Five Dog-Friendly Trails Near Bozeman


1. Gallagator Trail 

This gravel trail can be slippery in the winter, but it is in a wonderful area. A park along the route makes it the perfect place for family hikes, and the wide gravel trail makes it a leisurely walk for older, slower dogs or a good way for beginners to ease into hiking.

Dogs: On-leash only

Miles: 1.5

Difficulty: Easy

2. Sourdough Canyon Trail 

Going down Sourdough Canyon is a wonderful way to spend a day if you are unsure how long a hike you wish to take. There is a section of creek a half mile up the trail great for dipping your toes (or paws) in on a hot day. There is a bridge crossing the stream 5 miles up the trail and if you wish to continue, you could hike up to 10 miles up the trail! This path is also quite wide, making it ideal for strollers and for giving people space.

Dogs: On or off leash 

Miles: 6

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

3. College ‘M’ Trail 

With a split trail, this hike is one that can be either relatively easy or very steep. It is one of Bozeman’s most popular trails for its stunning scenery and location. Its popularity makes it a great starting point for people who are new to hiking, as there are normally others on the trail who can help if something goes wrong.

Dogs: On or off leash

Miles: 2.5

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

4. Triple Tree Trail 

Recently reworked to include parking and safer ascents to the views, this trail is stunningly gorgeous. Along with being beautiful, it is also perfect for leashed dogs. There are two points with access to a stream, but this can make it icy in the winter, so use caution.

Dogs: On-leash only 

Miles: 5.5

Difficulty: Moderate

5. Mount Ellis Trail 

One of the most difficult hikes in the area, this trail is great for people and dogs who crave a challenge. The trail starts off easy as you go across a large field filled with wildflowers in the spring. On the second half of the hike, there are steep slopes, uphill climbs, and breathtaking views, this trail is best for dogs (and humans) who have experience with hiking.

Dogs: On or off leash 

Miles: 10 

Difficulty: Hard


Healthy Dogs Make Great Hiking Partners

Exercise alone does not guarantee your dog’s good health—many dental problems can lead to illnesses that could keep them off the trail. Don’t let dental pain keep your dog from enjoying life! With two locations—and one right in Bozeman—Montana Pet Dental can take care of your dog’s dental needs. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning and examination. 


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/20/23). Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash.