Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery’s Lauren Beck Passed the Veterinary Technician Specialist Exam

Veterinary technicians are essential to veterinary medicine. Vet technicians are highly skilled professionals who take on several different roles within the pet care field, and enhance a vet’s ability to diagnose and treat animals. Veterinary technicians can lead very fulfilling careers without a specialization, but some outstanding vet techs choose to enhance their expertise by entering a training program leading to a “veterinary technician specialist” certification.

In order to qualify for the credentials of a veterinary technician specialist, candidates have to first obtain a license or register as vet techs. They also need to meet rigorous requirements for education, training, and field experience before they’re even able to apply to a training program. After completing the three-year training program to be a technician specialist, the candidate must then first pass a very difficult written exam, and then a comprehensive practical exam.

Vet technicians who specialize in dentistry can assist veterinary dentists with dental cleanings, charting, finding pathology, radiology, anesthesia, instrument preparation, diagnostics, and even assisting in surgical procedures. Our newest veterinary technician specialist, Lauren Beck, has spent the past several years of her career preparing and studying for the dental specialist exam, and she passed with flying colors.

Passing this exam enabled Lauren to level up in her career while also showcasing her dedication to veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Everyone at Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery is incredibly proud of Lauren for passing the VTS (dental) exam and we are very grateful to have her as part of our team.