Why You Should Visit Bozeman’s Cat Café

Montana’s very first cat café is located in Bozeman, Montana! Cat cafés are increasing in popularity, as visiting a cat café is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. If you have been thinking about getting a cat as a furry companion but are unsure if a cat is right for you, spending time with different cats can help you make this decision. If you are in Bozeman, then the Cat Show Cat Café is a must to visit. 

History of Cat Cafes

The history of the cat café is an interesting one. The concept of cat cafés originated in Taiwan and has steadily increased in popularity around the world since its debut. The first cat café opened in 1998 and was named “Cat Flower Garden” to provide a relaxing environment for people to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while interacting with resident cats. 

The novelty of a cat café gradually increased in popularity. Space constraints of an urban lifestyle played an instrumental role in popularizing the cat café concept. The first cat cafe in Europe opened in Vienna, Austria (2012). North America saw its first cat café open in Oakland, California, in 2014. 

Cat cafés have become popular not only as places for animal lovers to socialize with feline companions but also as venues for raising awareness about stray and abandoned cats. The feline residents who live at cat cafes are usually adopted from local shelters or rescue organizations. The cafés often collaborate with animal welfare groups to promote cat adoption.

Cat Café in Bozeman

Bozeman’s Cat café is called Cat Show Cat Café and is located in The Market building at 730 Boardwalk Ave.  A small donation of $9 at the time of this writing is requested along with registering for a specific time slot. This is to ensure the optimal feline visit and quality time spent there. When you arrive for your visit, a team member will walk you up to the room in which the felines reside. Outside of their room is a board listing the picture, name, and brief profile of each feline resident. When you walk in, you enter a magical wonderland catered to feline enrichment. Numerous plants, cat trees, beds, chairs, hiding spaces, and two exercise wheels are present to cater to each cat’s unique personality traits. 

A vending machine is also present in which you can obtain treats and/or catnip for the residents. The residents are very much aware of what a human standing close to the treatment vending machine signifies. A variety of chairs and bean bags are present, allowing for human comfort. Wand toys are available for interaction. The living space is clean, and spacious allowing for a relaxing experience. 

Scheduling a visit

An hour-long appointment can be booked at catshowcafe.com. Visiting hours are Monday through Saturday from 10a-5p and Sunday from 10a-4p. A day pass can be purchased for $9 or a monthly unlimited package can be purchased for $40.  All the proceeds go towards cat care and upkeep of their space. Children are welcome with one adult per child being a requirement. Washing of hands when entering and leaving the space is requested to minimize any germs of feline illness being inadvertently spread. No outside dogs or cats are allowed to minimize the stress of the residents. Lastly, no outside food, toys, or treats are allowed. Treats will be available for $1.00


Visiting the Cat Show Café was a delightful experience. The feline residents vary in age from young to mature, and each has a unique personality. Whether you have a clowder of cats at home or are unable to have one at your residence, visiting a cat café is a delightful way to spend a portion of a day that benefits other living creatures. One may also find their perfect feline companion there to adopt.

Cat Dentist in Bozeman

Whether you adopt a kitty from a cat café or already have a fur baby, make sure to take good care of their oral health. Annual veterinary dental cleanings are crucial in helping pets live long, healthy lives. Contact us today to make an appointment for your feline friend.




Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (3/28/2024). Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash