The 4 Best Places for Pictures with Your Dog in Bozeman

We groom them, take them out on the town, and trek along together on exciting hikes. Our dogs are our best friends—which is why we probably have more pictures of them on our phones than our favorite humans! 

Want to know our favorite spots to take pictures with your dog in Bozeman? Winter, spring, summer, and fall, these locations will make the perfect backdrop. So charge your phone, put on a comfy pair of shoes, grab your leash, and get ready to see just how good your dog looks with some epic Montana scenery behind them. 

Four Fun Photo Ops in Bozeman 

1: Cherry River

If you want the best sunset in all of Bozeman we encourage you to look east while at Cherry River. While the sunset fades in the west, it spreads amazing colors along the Bridger Mountains toward the east. You can find the perfect photo op at many points on the trails, or pose right at the pond’s edge. Just remember to keep your pet leashed at all times!  

2: Sacagawea Peak Trail

This steep, beautiful trail goes up about 2,000 feet in just 2 miles. While it’s definitely a trek, once you reach the top the beautiful views make it worth every step. These bird’s eye views make it easy to find the perfect background for your photos, and with the right angle, the sky blue is all you can see! 

3: The “Spirit” Statue

MSU campus residents are probably familiar with the bobcat statue in Alumni Plaza. Considered one of the most Instagrammable statues at MSU, a picture of your furry friend with Spirit the Bobcat is a wonderful way to commemorate a trip out to Bozeman or show off your alumni pride.

4: Hyalite Canyon 

With spectacular views and a reservoir for water shots, this recreation area is always photogenic. Adding your dog to the scenery will only make it better. There are numerous trails and unique spots to rest, making it a great place for an all-day photo adventure! Because of it’s popularity with travelers and locals alike, there is bound to be someone around to help you get a beautiful shot of you and your dog together.

Brighter Smiles Make Better Pictures

Keeping your dog happy and healthy automatically makes them more photogenic. And a dental cleaning once a year from an experienced veterinary dentist can help your dog keep flashing that goofy grin. 

Dogs can get cavities and gum disease, just like you, or crack a tooth by biting on something hard. Dental problems can cause discomfort, pain, tooth loss, and infections. They can even keep your dog from wanting to eat, play, or exercise. 

At Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery, we specialize in dental treatments for dogs of all shapes and sizes. And with two convenient locations—one in Missoula and one in Bozeman—we make it easy for you to keep your dog’s dazzling smile picture-perfect.

If your pet could use a cleaning or dental check contact us today to make an appointment. 





Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/12/23). Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash.