Best Places to Take Pictures with Your Dog in Missoula

Let’s face it—we take more pictures of our dogs than anything else. We have a whole collection of cute photos from our favorite dog-friendly eateries, scenic hikes through the Montana wilderness, and about a million of them cuddled in the bed. Don’t be embarrassed! Lean into it and take some stunning dog photos at these four picturesque spots in Missoula. 

Four Fun Places in Missoula to Take a Picture of Your Dog

No matter the season, we all love a good photo op. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, these four locations are always picture perfect. So charge your phone, put on a comfy pair of shoes, and see how cute your dog looks at these four scenic locations in Missoula. 

1. The M Trail 

This lovely zig-zaggy trail is great for leashed hikes. The quick rise in elevation gives you amazing views of Missoula. It makes a beautiful background for a portrait of your dog featuring the city behind them. Not to mention, a great way to commemorate a trip and the perfect place to bring visiting friends and family and their dogs. 

2. Blue Mountain Recreation Area

With its wide open spaces, this park is a great place to catch some action shots of your dog running off leash (as long as they are under voice control). Some of the trails throughout the nature preserve run along picturesque rivers. A beautifully colored sky at dusk makes it look magical, but keep in mind that you should be on your way home before dark. 

3. Brennan’s Wave

Located in downtown Missoula on the Clark Fork River, this man-made wave is used by surfers, paddlers, and others in the area. While your dog is not allowed in the water, the crashing of the wave makes for an epic background. 

4. Jacobs Island Dog Park

Okay, hear us out—we know dog parks sometimes get muddy, but oh, the action shots! With other dogs around, your pup is most likely running, jumping, and tumbling with their doggy friends. We find this makes for amazing candid and silly photos that capture our dogs’ speed, agility, and joy of life with the Clark Fork River in the background. 

Veterinary Dental Care in Missoula

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use. Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash.