Dog-Friendly Fall Fun in Bozeman

If you live in or near Bozeman, Montana, you know that there are lots of dog-friendly restaurants and fun activities that include the whole family. Downtown Bozeman is always pretty exciting, and it will be full of fun this Fall season! 

Friendly, leashed dogs are welcome to walk the sidewalks with their families in downtown Bozeman. Not only are the colors pretty and inviting, but window shopping at our local businesses is always a treat. 

Fall should be fun for all, including your pet. Just make sure to follow these rules:

  • Pick up after your pet.
  • Do not allow dogs into businesses where they are not welcome.
  • Keep your dog leashed at all times.
  • If your dog is nervous or frightened, please take them home.

Fall Safety Tips for Dog Owners 

1: Your Dog’s Clothes Should Be Comfortable

If your dog is wearing a costume, or clothes this fall, make sure they’re comfortable in it, and can move around normally. Costumes that are too small or too tight can cause discomfort and even pain. And be sure to avoid costumes with any dangling or loose that could be chewed off and swallowed, because they can cause life-threatening intestinal blockages. 

2: Keep Your Dog On-Leash

Bozeman has some very strict leash laws, and they do not change during the year. Leash laws help keep everyone safe, including your dog. Unleashed dogs might run into traffic if frightened, or even get lost. 

3: It Is Never Too Late To Train

Training your dog to stay calm when they hear loud noises and to come when you call are important tricks all year round. If your dog is new to training, still a puppy, anxious or reactive, keeping them at home may be the right call. Before trick-or-treaters come to call, set your dog up in a safe room with their favorite toys and a puzzle treat, or stay with them while someone else mans your door.  

Veterinary Dental Care That Isn’t Scary

Ghosts and ghouls may be scary, but so is tooth decay. All canines need excellent dental care. Decaying teeth can cause pain to surge through your dog’s mouth, and can cause infections that spread to other parts of their body. If you notice that your dog refuses to listen, lashes out, or is not acting normally, they could be in pain from an infected tooth. 

Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery offers the best dental care for dogs in the entire state. Our convenient location in Bozeman makes it easy to get top-notch veterinary dental care when you need it. Contact us today to schedule an exam and teeth cleaning for your pet.




Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/1/23).Photo by Silvana Carlos on Unsplash.