Dog Park Safety in Montana—How to Protect Your Pet

It’s easy to have a great time with your dog in Bozeman, because there are so many different dog parks in the city. But keeping dog parks safe is partly up to you. 

There is always a debate about whether or not dog parks are safe. Too many dogs in a confined area can sometimes lead to fights, and unvaccinated dogs can spread kennel cough and even more dangerous diseases like parvovirus

Dog Park Safety Depends on You

The safety of a dog park depends on many factors, but the three main ones are you, your neighbors, and the number of dogs present. First of all, you need to be able to understand your dog. Knowing when they are upset, tired or scared can help you determine the best time to leave, and when to safely intervene.

And while we all hope that our neighbors are smart enough to keep an aggressive dog out of the park, this isn’t always the case. Keep an eye on any unfamiliar dogs, and try to avoid the dog park when there are people or dogs you’ve had difficulty with in the past.

It’s also a good idea to skip a visit to the dog park if it’s full. Large groups of dogs can sometimes lead to altercations. Heading to the park at off-peak hours can help you keep your dog out of trouble.

While an open space to run off-leash is what your dog wants, there are other ways to exercise your pup. Leashed walks and hikes can help them spend some energy. And mental exercises like obedience training or puzzle toys can help keep them entertained. 

Five Tips for a Safe Time at the Dog Park

  1. Keep your eyes and ears open—if you get distracted by your phone, you might lose track of your dog. Without supervision, they could get into a dangerous situation or find a way out of the park without you noticing.
  2. Bring plenty of water—dehydration is a killer for dogs. Lots of running and playing can quickly make dogs thirsty, and it’s safer to bring your own water than to let your dog drink out of shared water dishes. 
  3. Watch out for the weather—Montana weather changes quickly, and extreme temperatures can be dangerous for pets. High temperatures increase the risk of heatstroke, while cold weather can slow heart rates or cause frostbite on tender paws.  
  4. Keep a phone handy—cute pictures aside, keeping your phone handy is important in case of emergencies. Just don’t let it distract you from watching your dog.
  5. Bring treats—giving your pet a treat every time you call them and they check in with you is a good way to train them to listen for your voice. 

Dental Pain Keeps Your Dog From Things They Love

Like us, dogs cannot enjoy the things they love when they are in pain. Unlike us, they cannot let a doctor or dentist know when they are suffering. Veterinary dental care not only reduces the risk of painful problems like gum disease and tooth loss, it can also help your dog live a longer life, giving you both more time to frolic at your favorite dog park. 

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/20/23). Photo by Sofia Shultz on Unsplash.