August 4, 2010



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Extraction Complications: Part 3

The past two newsletters have covered common locations and reasons for complications of extraction. This month we will cover how...
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Extraction Complications: Part 2

Where do extraction complications occur and how can you avoid them? This month we continue the three part series on...
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Extraction Complications: Part 1

This month we are beginning a three part series on extraction complications. These three newsletters will cover the most common...
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Treating Dentigerous Cyst in Dogs

Missing teeth are common in veterinary dental practice, especially in smaller patients. It is important to obtain dental radiographs in...
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Treatment of Avulsed Canine Tooth in a Dog

Head trauma in dogs commonly involves damage to the dentition, including fractures of the tooth crown and/or root, fractures of...
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Bone Graft Materials in Veterinary Dentistry

A variety of bone graft materials can be utilized in veterinary dentistry. Some of the more common applications for these...
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Anesthesia-Free Pet Dentistry (AFD)

Anesthesia-free pet dentistry (AFD) has gained popularity over the last few years. The main factors driving this are the lower...
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Restoration of a Fractured Canine Tooth Seven Years After Vital Pulp Therapy

This month's case is interesting in that it involved treatment of a right lower canine tooth (404) that had been...
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